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Low Table

Size: 14 H x 35 x 22 inches

Weight: approx. 85 lbs

Material: Cottonwood Ebony and Ivory

Keywords: Cottonwood, ebony and ivory, table,


Large Pedestal Table

Size: 36 inches tall, 26 inch top

Weight: approx. 215 lbs

Material: Ebony Cedar

Keywords: Cedar, table,


Leopard Table

Size: 21 inches high and 21 inches in diameter

Weight: approx. 90 lbs

Material: Cottonwood

Keywords: Cottonwood, leopard, table,


Large Low Table

Size: 16 inches tall, 38 inches in diameter.

Weight: approx. 250 lbs

Material: Sugar Pine

Keywords: Pine, table,


Large Pedestals

Size: 36 inches, tall 24 inches top

Weight: approx. 200 lbs

Material: Ebony Cedar

Keywords: Cedar, pedestal, table,

TB6171 – SOLD

Leopard Table

Size: 23 H x 28 x 18 inches

Weight: approx. 125 lbs

Material:  Ash

Keywords: Ash, leopard, table,


Nesting Table

Size: 18.5 in dia.  29 in tall

Weight: approx. 160 lbs

Material:  Black Pine

Keywords: Pine, table,